My Story

Carissa Swanwick Kansas City Real Estate Investor

I love real estate. I always have. I loved Architectural Digest as a kid, studied architecture and construction management in college, and began investing in real estate as an adult. As a woman, my life has been spent pursuing my passion for real estate while surrounded by crowds of men. Now I am taking my passion and experience in real estate to help other women go from dreaming of real estate investing to being investors.

I am a real estate investor, business executive, wife, mother and experienced only-female-in-the-room. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Management, an MBA, and throughout my life, I’ve been in plenty of rooms filled only with men. I was the only girl on my high school cross country team, the only girl in my high school shop class, and one of 3 women in my college Construction Management classes. I interned with a nation-wide commercial general contractor where, besides the secretary, there were only 1 or 2 other females on the job site.

Now as a real estate investor, all these years later, the room is still filled with men. Most women I do run into are usually there to keep their boyfriends company and pick out the paint colors. I am out to change this. I want to give women the confidence that they can do this too through my first-hand experiences—and the experiences of other amazing women. I share what I've learned, highlight my mistakes, and don’t pretend to have all the answers. 

Follow along to cultivate growth in life + business.

Carissa Swanwick