Brookside Rental Property Exterior Facelift

When I purchased the property, the exterior wasn’t terrible. It also wasn’t great. It wasn’t in disrepair, but wasn’t the sharp-looking duplex I as after.

I faced a few challenges with deciding how to approach the facelift. I didn’t love the brick detail on the front elevation. I thought it dated the property and wasn’t substantial enough to keep as a feature.

Also there isn’t much architectural detail to speak of with this structure. It literally is just a brick with doors and windows. I began to search for images in Pinterest of “painted brick house” to get some inspiration. Initially, I thought painting the entire structure one color. Only problem is that I was concerned it would look like a giant Lego brick. As you can see, the back elevation didn’t have much character to accentuate either.

I decided to call upon my local Sherwin-Williams store and scheduled a color consultation. Through our discussion and her advice, I settled on the following color combination:

* Body: SW 7017 Dorian Gray (Satin)

* Brick: SW 7019 Gauntlet Gray (Satin)

* Trim: SW 7008 Alabaster (Satin)

* Shutters: SW 6258 Tricorn Black (Gloss)

* Under-side of Porch: SW 7019 Gauntlet Gray (Satin)

Carissa Swanwick