Real Estate Investor, Carissa Swanwick loves to give her tenants great places to live.

Her real estate investment philosophy “Invest in homes I can be proud of and tenants want to show off to their friends” guides her strategy and mindset. Having pride in your home is important and Carissa feels this applies to rentals as well. She implements this thinking in the neighborhoods she targets, the characteristics of the properties she buys, and the rehabs she completes. She believes that if she takes care of her tenants, in return the tenants will care for the property and renew their leases. Carissa also knows doing the right thing for tenants provides the peace of mind that she is treating people well.


With her life-long interest in architecture, design, and construction, she had the goal of someday owning investment properties and making them great homes…when she retired. She believed that spending her time on her passion was a goal for the future; not something that she could do now while building a corporate career and raising a family.

In 2014, she decided that "someday" needed to become "today" and decided to make her dreams a reality. Carissa knew that waiting for someday to pursue her passion is no way to go through life and so she began to learn about real estate investing and buying properties. 

After investing in real estate for a few years, Carissa noticed that each time she mentioned her real estate portfolio to friends, they would inevitably say things like “I should be doing that”, “How do you find time to do that?”, or “Where did you learn to invest?”. She always enjoyed answering their questions and giving them tips on where to start.



She realized that she should be writing down what she was learning and share it more broadly to help others shift their thinking. Carissa also noticed in her research that while there was a lot of helpful high-level information, there was little detailed information or real-life examples needed to put the ideas into action. From there, CultivateRE was born.

Carissa is passionate about building her real estate portfolio while using her research, experience, lessons learned and knowledge to help women build their confidence and financial future.


Carissa has been featured on podcasts and is a contributing writer to the BiggerPockets blog. She also hosts a monthly meetup for women real estate investors in Kansas City.